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The booklet is made of 34 pages,one breathwork exercice (Pranayama) and one audio guided relaxation (Savasana).

My wish is that you enjoy the practices that resonate best with you and nourish you the most during the fall season. 

I would love for you to make a conscious donation for my booklet and time. 

I thank you for your ongoing support and I’m looking forward to connecting with you again in person!


From my heart to yours,



Guided Relaxation (Savasana)mp3Claire Thiebaud
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Nadi shodhana (alternate nose breath) helps restore balance and ease in the mind and body.

It has a grounding quality and can help if you are stressed.

If you feel out of breath try with shorter inhales and exhales.

I believe the body reflects what is happening in nature. Each season has its own gifts and challenges and asks us to change and adapt our lifestyles and wellness practices.

I’ve created the Yoga and Seasons Booklet For the Fall as a guide, an invitation to sync-in with nature’s rhythms in a holistic way (body – mind – spirit) and remember our own wisdom and natural inner rhythms.

You will find cross-cultural inspirations that I love, ranging from yoga, to Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga) to easy tea recipes, to simple soulful rituals, journaling and creative practices.

I have organized the booklet by time sections and you will find some of the practices will require only 2 minutes of your daily time!

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