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Our theme for the retreat is a "Feelgood" Yoga and Nature retreat/ Immersion but also a cultural and inner exploration :)  I like to think of it as a blend between a "classical" yoga retreat and a "yoga teacher training"(way less intense of course!)  I call it a Yoga "immersion" where you are here to practice yoga but you will also have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge about Yoga through different styles and workshops if this is your wish (see below). 

This retreat is an invitation to restore, cocoon in the beautiful autumn season, re-energize and reconnect with what makes you feel good! You will meet and share with new and mind liked people, maybe at the end of the retreat you will even have new friends!

This experience will be a transformative journey where you can "reset" your life and start a new beginning! It's also an exciting adventure in a new province and a new culture!

You will have plenty of time to explore, rest, connect and really experience the unique Alsatian culture by visiting local villages, castles, vineyards, cities, local markets! Graham, my husband will take you on a beautiful afternoon hike adventure in the mountains to experience the local geography, flora and fauna.


My classes will be adapted to all levels yet a good physical condition is required. There will be options to choose from. My offerings will challenge everyone of you mentally, physically or emotionally through the week. 
I’m a firm believer that what is not challenging you doesn’t change you. Running retreats for years have taught me that all the students who are signing up have a conscious or unconscious desire for change on some level 😉. 
Don’t worry, it won’t be anything like a boot camp and I will be guiding everyone of you and holding space as usual, with a caring, compassionate and genuine spirit!

I have been teaching yoga for 12 years. I trained with different schools in Canada, India, France and Indonesia and I really believe that there is no yoga but many yogaS!

I am trained in classical/traditional Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga (dynamic, moving), Restorative Yoga (regenerating, gentle and meditative), Zenthai (yoga dance between qi gong and Chinese medicine), and different meditation and breathing techniques. 

Most of morning classes will be Vinyasa/ Hatha and Zenthai based. Evening will be Restorative, Pranyama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

Nature is one of my first teachers, I'm an environmentalist at heart. Having spent time with Canadian First Nations, as I live in BC for 12 years,  I'm really inspired by their genuine wisdom and it's naturally that I blend earth based wisdom in my teachings. 

If you want to know more about my background and my certifications, I invite you to check the "about" section on the menu.


1 Yoga Lab Postural workshop (alignment, refinement /modification of the postures, inversions, Q&A)
1 Yoga Philosophy workshop ( From the mat to our every day life, understand some of the basic philosophy points and how to apply them in your everyday life)
1 Forest Bath with Claire (a slow guided meditative walk to experience nature at a different level)
1 Afternoon hike with Graham in the local mountains!


You can visit La Villa Rosa here


La Villa Rosa is a charming guest house at the foot of hiking trails. It's also a family affair!

At the front desk and hosting, my sister Céline, mountain guide and in the kitchen, my brother-in-law Mickael and his delicious and organic vegetarian dishes!

Both have traveled around the world and La Villa Rosa has become a place for exchanges and international meetings, as we experience when traveling!

They will be here to help you to make your stay as good as possible!

The rooms are inspired by the names of great travelers, they are comfortable, "cozy" and decorated with taste. They all have their own private bathrooms.


Meals are delicious, all organic and locally sourced (some of the veggies are from my sister’s garden!). You can choose to eat vegetarian or not during the retreat !

So that everyone can enjoy their day at their own pace and feel free to go explore, lunches are at your own cost. They are so many delicious restaurant to choose from with local Alsatian cuisine or veggie options in Colmar and all the villages around.

If you want to stay at the Villa you are welcome to do so. You have the bakery and the local coffee where you can eat lunches in less than 10 minutes walk from the villa the famous local "ferme auberge" (mountain restaurants) around, the first one is about 15 min drive max.

Breakfasts are delicious, they are composed of (all products are organic) Fresh bread / butter / home made jam / honey / hazelnut spread / cereals / yoghurt / milk / pastries / fruits /  tea / coffee / herbal tea (cheese available on request)

Dinners are cooked with love by chef Mickaël! Colourful, balanced, vegetarian (option to choose a non-vegetarian menu including delicious typical Alsatian cuisine) ; they consist of a starter, a main course and a dessert.

Mickaël has a great selection of wines to pair with your meals, note that alcohol isn't included in the retreat's price.


I strongly encourage you to rent a car directly from the airport as the buses to go from and to la Villa Rosa are sporadic. Nature is a doorstep away, there are many beautiful hiking and biking trails starting from the villa!
La Villa Rosa has a prime location to go taste, experience and explore the richness of the Alsatian culture!

Some examples :

7,5 kms from the cutest fortified village of “Turckheim” famous for its wines. It has fortified gates, typical half-timbered Alsace style houses, wine tasting houses, weekly local market, souvenirs shops.

13 km from the gorgeous city of Colmar (renowned for its well-preserved old town, its numerous architectural landmarks, and its museums)

15km from the most charming village of "Eguisheim" elected the "favorite village of French people" in 2013 :)

16km from the "Hohlandsbourg" castle  (Since the Bronze Age, from 1300 to 750 BC, this site was a strategic and highly-coveted site. It boasts a unique 360° view overlooking the Alsace Plains and the Black Forest.)
84 km from Strasbourg, the beautiful European Capital, which is 1 hour 30 minutes drive away or less depending on traffic or 30 minutes by train from Colmar!

International Basel airport is about 1h00/1h30 drive depending on traffic.




1199€ based on double occupancy accommodation

An intimate retreat, please note that places are limited!

We need a minimum of 5 people for the retreat to happen. Being in good physical health is necessary to participate.



After teaching in retreat centers around the world, Claire is back in her native land of Alsace! She is thrilled to share a unique experience with you at the beautiful Villa Rosa.

According to her student’s feedbacks, her retreats are spaces for inner transformation and authentic sharing in a healthy, warm, caring, and inclusive environment!

Her classes are inspiring, with a zest of humor and philosophy, rooted in a “traditional” yoga yet adapted to our modern lifestyles. She offers different variations so that everyone progresses at their own pace and safely.

For her yoga is a way of life, a (re)awakening to our infinite potential and a powerful means of healing that can be practiced on the mat as well as in our daily lives.

Claire has been teaching for 12 years, led retreats for 5 and has over 900 hours of Yoga Training in Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Pranayama, Meditation and Zenthai (a yoga that blends Chinese Medicine, QiGong and Yoga) She is currently studying Prenatal Yoga.

I'm currently pregnant...!

Our little sunshine is due at the end of June. I'm married to Graham, a wonderful human, he practices yoga and meditation and has been assisted me in many of my retreats, he's also a great and passionate mountain guide!
I'm confident that by the end of September I will be fine to teach.
He will also be here to assist me during the entire retreat and by this stage we will have organized ourselves the best way possible so I can teach all the classes lead workshops and be fully present and committed to you.
That being said, I'm asking for the participants of this retreat in particular to be flexible and open to modify our classes schedule in a last minute notice in case baby does need me!  
Don't worry though you will practice 12 classes in total, we just have to stay flexible that's it :)

I thank you in advance !


In order to book your stay, we ask you to pay 50% of the total amount of the retreat before July 15th 2022, then the remaining 50% before September 1st by bank transfer.

We will need a minimum of 5 people for the retreat to happen.


Claire : +33 76 92 32 503

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